FarMar Law Group, PC is a Southern California law firm, previously known as the Law Office of Rory W. Clark.  The firm changed it’s name in December of 2017 from Law Office of Rory W. CLark to FarMar Law Group, PC.

The firm was founded in 1986 by Rory W. Clark, who retired from the practice of law in 2013. “Our 30-year heritage serving the financial sector will always be part of who we are,” said Matthew J. Kumar, who acquired the firm from Mr. Clark in 2013, after working with him for a decade. “But the firm has evolved, as have the industries we serve, and this name change reflects the modernization that I and my team are bringing to our clients.”

FarMar Law Group will continue its industry-leading practice that focuses on compliant and effective representation of its financial-sector clientele. It is also exploring innovative avenues of service that it can provide to new and existing clients. The firm is working diligently to ensure that the name change does not negatively impact any of its client or consumer relationships, and that the transition is smooth for all involved.

FarMar Law Group, PC is a debt collector. This communication is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.